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Daily security tips 1: hostname

When you connect your computer to new network, what it does to acquire networking settings like Gateway, DNS, network mask, etc. is it uses DHCP protocol.

Portforward using ssh

If you ever had to do portforwarding on network that was not yours, you know it can be pain in the ass sometimes and you most probbably do not want to deal with it. o

Audio scaling

Hi guys, what I had to do few days ago is dynamically change speed of audio playback.


Dokku is extremly simple PaaS (platform as a service) . Philosophy of this software is quite simple. It is as simple as possible clone of Heroku.

OAuth2 tricks

My friend was quite confused about OAuth 2 today (facebook specifically) so I decided to write a couple of tricks for facebook and instagram authentication.

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How to print all rejections in NodeJS
How to print all rejections in NodeJS

Did you forget to print error on rejection, in a huge project and are now having issues debugging it? I wrote a snippet of code to solve that.

Why argv sucks for users
Why argv sucks for users

There are some conventions and patterns that are part of so much software we are never getting rid of them. One of those conventions defines how we pass arguments to applications.

Do not run chrome from your app!
Do not run chrome from your app!

This is example how your user can be hacked if you misuse chromium to open web links.